Thursday, August 30, 2007


Ella Thurgood is also very good, I had a class from her and two from her husband. She is someone with a tremendous amount of insight as well. If she is willing to help, this will be a happenin' thing! Her husband, Graham is actually on the International Endangered Languages Board, and is good at giving practical advice on how to get these grants. We had a very productive discussion last semester about the process. You can mention me to both of them, they know me (and even still like me:D).

Are you referring to Coco? Regardless of whether I'm right on this, this is a VERY good thing, and Coco is a great person. This all seems to be good news!

Who is Joel's relative? The more teachers the better...


1 I suggest you include video recording in your discription of formats, as I know most of my direct consultant fieldwork, of which copies will be made immediately for archive at the Rancheria, will be done with my own digital video camera. It is a 3ccd chip camera with separate audio in for enhanced audio quality -- this way we can get metalanguage (non-verbal) as well as spoken language cues and understanding. It should really help the cause and it is the format I'm most used to working in. It is transcribable, too, just like any other digital audio recording!

2. Clarify the Northeatern Maidu material is also being digitized by stateing that it is to be used in particular to bolster the understanding of the similaities and differences these two possess as NE Maidu is the language most simlar to Concow in every way, and possesses much more scholarly attention that is transferrable to learners of Concow as well.

3. Overall, I think this is excellent as it sits, but I hope my suggestions are a help.


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