Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Contact List

*DEL Program Representative in Washington
James Herbert, NSF
(703) 292-8600

"For applicants to all programs Request reviewers' critiques in writing if rejected. Reapply if rejected. Humanists are too easily discouraged. Work with the project rep in developing the project (for programs other than individual fellowships). The reps will assist in the revision and resubmission process for projects that are not successful the first time. Often the exchange can be accomplished via e-mail. "Keep coming back." "

Andrew Garrett
UC Berkeley Linguistics Director

Phone: 510-643-7524
Fax: 510-643-5688

Held conversation w/ Joel Parker on August 22n'd at 2:00 PM.
Conversation Highlighted:
*Explained retrieval process at UC Berkeley
*Described UC Library Infrastructure
*Recommended listing materials before we arrive
*Supplied Native American Bibliography Website
*Explained Dissertation Retrieval Process

Bill Beeman,
World-Famous Linguist
Anthropologist/Linguist @ Brown University
Tel: (612) 624-8990
Office: (612) 625-3400
Fax: (401) 633-6398

*Offered Joel, while at Brown, his helping hand on a future Endangered Language Program.

Smithsonian Global Sound
600 Maryland Ave. S.W. Suite 2001
Washington, DC 20560-0520
Office: 202-633-6460
Fax: 202-633-6474

Dear Joel,
Thank you for your interest in Smithsonian Global Sound. We are a small office and rely on intern support in web design, ethnomusicology research and cataloguing, and marketing. If you are interested in these areas and can think of a way your studies may intersect with our needs, please send a resume and cover letter to me at We require interns to work in the Washignton, D.C., office for a minimum of 20 hours a week for three months. Also, there may be people at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian working on similar projects with more direct research and outreach into the communities with which you wish to work. Perhaps there is opportunity for internship there that could collaborate with Smithsonian Global Sound.

Amy Schriefer
Production Manager
Smithsonian Global Sound

Farrell Cunningham

Maidu Teacher for Susanville

Friend of the family, helpful.
530- 394-7868
(Availability after 7:00 PM PST)

Conversation Highlights
*Member of Mooretown
*Susanville supports a Maidu Language Commission, Unified Language between Tribes
*Recommends Children-mentor program
*Passion for plant protection, emphasis on Exploration of the Woods
*Briefly described efforts to overcome his students jaded attitude
*Interested in future Collaboration w/ Mooretown

Andrew Ross
Director of Language Resource Center, Brown University
Tel. (401) 863-7010

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